ever so slightly belated Halloween treats

Happy November.

I wasn't feeling very well yeterday (drank the wrong mixer the night before), so didn't manage to make mention here of a few little Halloween treats of the poetic variety.

Firstly, my poem 'The Paper Dolls' debuted at Abjective on Halloween. Abjective publishes one poem/story/text every Saturday and how delightful for me that my Saturday was Halloween. Read the poem here:


Secondly, I published a special Halloween edition of Thirteen Myna Birds last night, featuring the spookily poignant poems of one Matt Jasper. All six of his poems within this dark flight formation were taken from his recent BlazeVOX book, "Moth Moon", which is well worth a read. I am going to try to write a review of the book this month. For now, you can sample six of his wares here:


Thirdly, I didn't get it together enough to dress up as the Log Lady or much of anything else for Halloween, but I did wear a lovely black dress, glittery witch stockings, witch shoes, a macabre necklace--and I watched a horror movie.


Furthermore, I wrote an article about DIY publishing and Blood Pudding Press for the latest edition of local Columbus Ohio magazine The Outer Belt, so feel free to check that out, too, on pages 16-18.

And it's not too late to sponsor a local independent horror film. Read my pitch on that matter in the same issue, pages 30-31:


Monday update: Even more Blood Pudding Press (and small press galore) goodness; I participated in a Chapbook Roundtable, amongst various other small press editors, published in this month's issue of The Chapbook Review:



Finally (for now), if you're in the market for a more superfical but true tale, feel free to read my silly little article about the time I accidentally bleached off my eyebrows: