Virtual Book Tour wrap up/Blood Pudding Press update

The final review of Read Write Poem's Virtual Book Tour (of Lisa Ciccarello's poetry chapbook 'At night, the dead:' published by Blood Pudding Press) was contributed by Ren Powell, editor of Babel Fruit magazine.

Some excerpts from this review:

“Lisa Ciccarello’s chapbook is an example of why poetry books are important as works of art. That is, 'poetry book' distinct from 'book of poems'.

...as with any charm, the context of the repetitive whole is mesmerising.

The vague references to superstitious practices are never fully fleshed within a cultural context…

This vagueness allows for the ambivalence that characterizes the collection. The charm to ward off the dead becomes seductive, just as children are seduced by the fear of the Ouija board, just as pleasurable touching becomes painful within the context of insistent repetition, just as pain can become almost pleasurable. The dead are feared and longed for: ‘The dead put their fingers in your mouth’.

The sestina-like repetition in the collection creates a pleasing tension with this reader, as I want to speed through the increasingly familiar phrases, but am stopped short for close reading by the poet’s attention to detail and abbreviated metaphors…

Clearly Ciccarrello’s poems grow from their communion with the dead – the kind of growth that needs the space of chapbook.”

You may read this review in its entirety at the More Babel blog:


You may read excerpts from all seven preceding reviews on this Virtual Book Tour (and more) consolidated over at the Blood Pudding Press blog (click the bloody telekinetic female to your right OR the link below):


I would like to thank Read Write Poem for orchestrating this Virtual Book Tour, everyone who contributed a review, and also those who have been reading along!

If your interest has been piqued re: 'At night, the dead:' it is not too late to acquire your very own ribbon-bound, spider-stamped copy from the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop:


Coming next (hopefully soon) from Blood Pudding Press, a new poetry chapbook by Dana Guthrie Martin, after which your intrepid Blood Pudding Press editor (that would be me) will be taking a spell to focus on her participation within the dusie kollektiv 4!

During this time, feathered and flighty submissions will still be accepted for Thirteen Myna Birds on an ongoing basis.

XO. Juliet

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Kathrin Schaeppi/ellectrique press offers up a wonderful feature on the dusie 3 kollektiv collaborative chapbook swap project:


Dusie 3 is ending and Dusie 4 is starting up, but Dusie 3 will still have a last hurrah when all the completed chapbooks are published as free-to-read PDFs by editrix extraordinaire, Susana Gardner. Stay tuned!