I was having one of those slow, achey, icky days in terms of personal physicality and productivity (um, maybe that is pretty much just an overly wordy way to say I have one of my headaches), BUT I must make mention of some extra-special excitingly delightful news I have received. Er, actually, you can read the news for yourself on the Slash Pine Press blog:


Just in case you don't feel like leaving my blog until after you've read this whole entry: the gist is that my chapbook manuscript FONDANT PIG ANGST is going to be published by Slash Pine Press, a new independent press that not only has a great name, but also a highly appealing mission statement, which includes the resonant phrase, "a process of risk and otherness".

And I am going to be the press's very first author!

I'm super-duper excited about this and will have more to say on this matter soon.

Not right now, because despite this superb news, I am pretty off-kilter today.

This news is almost unbelievably exciting though, right? I can hardly believe I've won a book contest type thingee! Pinch me! Woohoo!

P.S. Also, Dana Guthrie Martin's ROBOT has agreed to write a book blurb for me. Pinch me again! Woohoo!