self portraits

I'm pleased as spiked punch to report I have three new self-portrait poems online in the wonderful latest issue of Oranges & Sardines (Poets & Artists), hereabouts:


I must admit I never quite expected to see my name immediately following Billy Collins's name in the bios section of a literary magazine--and that's for more reasons than one. Ahem.

In any case, I can hardly wait to partake of the entire issue in all its poetic and visual art glory. Yum!

I think the issue went live this past weekend, but I'm playing catch-up after a beatiful Labor Day getaway that involved hiking, swimming, fishing, and more in the lovely Adirondacks region of upstate New York. Perhaps I'll post a few photos soon.

But for now if you'd like self-portrait photos, see my previous entry here (and if you'd like designer vaginas, see my entry before that) and if you'd like self-portrait poems and art galore, simply click the link above and look inside...

My poems therein play with stuffed peppers, queer cane toads, and sugary sponges, amongst other oddball entities.

More new poetry coming soon in Abjective, Action Yes, Bone Bouquet, Diagram, Melusine, Prayers for Children, Robot Melon, and more.

Now if only somebody would offer me an honorary professorship or some other paying gig, preferably creative.


Here's one each of me on the water (Great Sacandaga Lake) and me on a mountain (Hadley Mountain), from our Labor Day weekend getaway in the Adirondacks, upstate New York. I posted a few more on my Facebook.


little Friday update: I deleted that 'stick figure sexiness' entry that I'd posted last evening. It was a piece of older writing that I stumbled upon amongst my poetry whilst working on assembling a new chapbook manuscript last night and whereas it seemed quirkily appealing last night, it seemed oddly embarrassing this morning. That happens a lot.

Only six varietals of vintage lace remaining in the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop at http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/.

The new chapbook manuscript in progress is tentatively titled 'Soft Foam'.

I finished partaking of the above-linked issue of Oranges & Sardines yesterday and thought it was a wonderful read as well as an extravaganza of provocative visual delights. Furthermore, it was excellently edited.


Wow, speaking of poetry chapbooks, a new sequence of six short poems called (B)URN has just been accepted for publication as a Gold Wake e-chap! Coming soon!

I am in a short manuscript assembling kind of mood...