I feel more popular today than yesterday, although I still feel unattractive. Go figure.

Enough of that angst, though. I'm writing to announce that a very new sequence of six short poems called (B)URN has just been published as an e-chapbook by Gold Wake Press, here:


This is free to read online and it will likely take you less than 10 minutes to do so, so please do feel free to partake and let me know what you think. Read some other Gold Wake Press e-chaps while you're there, too. Quite an assortment awaits you.

I feel like this sequence is a bit of a stylistic departure for me, or maybe not so much a stylistic departure as an imagistic departure. Strangely enough, the imagery was partially inspired by reading Patti Smith's latest poetry collection, which was not quite my style per se, yet after a while something about its tone or imagery began to seep into my subconscious. A photo of a black lamb was also a catalyst. So was my desire.

I'm in a little creative frenzy. I've been rather furiously writing and revising poetry these past few days, reading, thinking conceptually, and assembling a new chapbook manuscript that I'm quite excited about. It's called 'Soft Foam'. I can hardly wait to finish the assembly process so that I can submit it. I have my first submission source in mind and a good feeling about it. I submitted some individual poetry today, too--two Dear pieces and four designer vaginas.

Unfortunately, I soon need to temporarily break from these creative pursuits and apply for some jobs.

At least one office job and one organic pet store job.