my designer vaginas are (a)live

Diode is one of my favorite online poetry magazines, so I am especially excited and pleased that they were the first publication to ride my designer vagina action.

By designer vaginas I mean poems. Diode has published a sequence of three in their second anniversary issue, which just went live today at http://www.diodepoetry.com/

I also had a poem in their first anniversary issue and this is a most succulent breed of deja vu.

This issue is so good, too. I already read it in its entirety (I sneakily did so yesterday, when I was sent a link to proof my poems) and it was a long and satisfying reading experience, with myraid delights. Highlights for me included the poems of Craig Beaven, Mary Biddinger, Oliver De La Paz, Brent Goodman, and Ada Limon--but really, just about the whole issue is a top-notch cornucopia of juicy wordmeats. Yay!

I have another designer vagina coming soon in Diagram (another favored online magazine) and a few more whoring themselves out. Just kidding, they're not whores. It's just hard to resist these awful figures of speech when I'm trying to plug my designer vaginas (oops).

But I do have a few more circulating, plus I'm working on writing a few more, one of which might be about robot designer vaginas. I'm trying to launch a full frontal attack of designer vaginas (oops).

In Blood Pudding Press news, did you check out the first review of the Virtual Book Tour of Lisa's Ciccarello's chapbook yesterday? See the bottom of my previous entry here for more details--or see the Blood Pudding Press blog for even more. Just click the bloody telekinetic female to your right.

Also, I'm planning to update Thirteen Myna Birds later today with a Neko Case poem by Adam Fieled. If you want to be in the company of a Neko Case poem, proposition me within the next few hours.

By proposition me I mean send me poems.


Speaking of monstrous creations, check out these fiendishly grotesque Halloween delights:



And how about some fun fall fashion?