meat curtains & banana curls

A few recent search terms that have led to this blog have been 'pretty peckers' and 'Nellie Oleson banana curls'. The latter is most likely related to some mention of my short series of Nellie Oleson poems (one of which is supposedly forthcoming in 'Side of Grits' and one of which was just accepted for the premiere issue of 'Bone Bouquet' and a few others of which are crying out for revision), but don't ask me about the former.

You can ask me about meat curtains, though, or at least about my recent chapbook, MONDO CRAMPO. Nathan Moore did and his one question and my one answer (and one small disclaimer about adult language) are posted over at Read Write Poem today:


In other news, I finished my first-ever artist grant application! Yay! That's almost good enough to make me forget about my infernal PMS (cramps and headache and bloat of the breed that do not want to respond to any treatment). At least I don't have to use crocodile dung tampons or Lysol douche.

Oh and speaking of Read Write Poem, their first-ever Virtual Book Tour will be starting tomorrow--featuring the latest lovely Blood Pudding Press tome, 'At night, the dead:' by luscious Lisa Ciccarello.

Oh and speaking of Blood Pudding Press, the next tome is coming soon--'The Spare Room' by Dana Guthrie Martin. Stay attuned.



The Read Write poem first-ever Virtual Book Tour is now underway! Hurray!

Check out the entry there for details on how the tour will work and who will be involved and then stay tuned throughout the month for the poetry conversation.

I will also be posting ongoing updates on the Blood Pudding Press blog at http://www.bloodyooze.blogspot.com/