local travel designer vagina diode

I reorganized the look of this site a bit, particularly the right hand side bar, to hopefully be a tad more user-friendly. I also added a couple sections for my local content articles and travel articles. Hopefully, I'll be adding more content to those sections soon. In the meantime, if you desire to read more articles by yours truly, might I recommend that you pay a visit to the Blood Pudding Press blog (just click that lovely bloody telekinetic female to your right) and check out THAT right hand side bar for my little section called 'my reviews of others etc...' for a small plethora of book review writing and more.

As far as my FAVORITE kind of writing, poetry, I am slowly but surely working my way through the reading of the Dusie Issue 8 e-book (see previous entry), plus reading newly acquired print chapbooks by Laura Goldstein and Kate Durbin. Yay! Oh and I am also very delighted to report that three more of my designer vaginas have been chosen. They will be published in the upcoming second anniversary issue of the ever splendiferous diode! Woohoo! That makes four designer vaginas accepted, seven designer vaginas still in circulation, and probably at least a few more as-yet-to-be-written designer vaginas.

However, I think today's creative time is going to be pretty well used up with finishing a DIY feminist poetry publishing article and a Labor Day drinks article, designing chapbooks, sending out a Blood Pudding Press announcement, etc... Plus, I won a free ticket to a local concert tonight (The Crystal Method at BOMA) so am going to that. Busy not to be confused with busty. Also grappling with more job-related angst, but I'll keep that topic to myself for now.