awkward snip

You know something that I think can be a little bit strangely awkward as a writer?

When you utterly adore a certain poet's material, but you know they do not care for yours.

I'm not suggesting this is good or bad or a huge deal or anything that's going to substantially change the way I feel about the poetry I adore or don't adore.

I am suggesting it seems to happen to me with some frequency--that I am a big fan of certain poets who I know aren't fans of me OR that I receive gushy responses of fandom from writers who supposedly love my work, but I am very underwhelmed by theirs.

It's really no biggie, especially considering the vast range of poetic styles and sensibilties out there, but like I said, it can make me feel a bit strangely awkward at times.

Most especially at times when I'm planing on writing some kind of poetry review and then find myself insecurely second-guessing myself, thinking something like, 'Well I don't think this writer really likes my writing and for all I know they might not even respect my writing and so maybe they wouldn't LIKE me to review their material'.