More often than not, I only blog about my recent poetry publication credits if I actually have the magazine in my presence or can link to its online presence, but I just got an email that the first issue of zero ducats is ready to be mailed to me--and then I visited the zero ducats website and I thought it was so nifty that I feel compelled to share:


The author bios were fun to read and look at and I kind of wish I was at a party with all those people. Although most of them seem to be in Missouri and have MFAs, which kinda makes me feel like I'm invading some preordained enclave, but I'm a pretty delighted invader.

Also, while I was investigating that matter, I stumbled upon a photo of Nellie Oleson (not one of the authors) and had the idea to write a series of poems either ABOUT Nellie Oleson, TITLED Nellie Olesen but not about her, OR titled Nellie Olesen and the names of other secondary TV show characters.

Also, I am excited to read Rauan Klassnik's new e-chapbook plus some of the newer Scantily Clad Press chapbooks. I'm a little behind on my reading, but looking forward to catch up.

Also, I am formulating a few ideas about where to send/submit one of my unpublished chapbook manuscripts.

Also, thinking about death by owl...