My first live poetry reading in over two years!

Just a reminder for those interested (and for me)! This Saturday (August 13) from 4-7!
The first live poetry reading I've been part of in quite some time. "Featured readers Juliet Cook, Dan Denton, Robin Mullet, and Bob Phillips. Features are followed by the city's best open mic."
Hi! This is going to be the first live poetry reading I've participated in (or attended) in over two years (because of Covid and me feeling uncomfortable in groups etc...) and I am really looking forward to it, despite my nerves! Saturday August 13 from 4-7!

I miss live poetry groups, Uncloistered Poetry is fabulous, this is an outdoor patio event (weather permitting), and I'm very excited to hear Dan Denton and Bob Phillips read their poetry again and to hear Robin Mullet's poetry for the first time and to hear all kinds of different people in the Open Mic!

Now I just have to finish deciding which poems to read. Probably mostly new ones filled with self-deprecation, seizures, and other disturbances, and maybe one or two of me and Darryl's collaborative poems about nasty fair(y) tails and violence and chickens...

Thank you very much to Jonie McIntire and Uncloistered Poetry for inviting me to be a part of this reading!


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