NEW! A collaborative poem by me and Charles Cicirella AND a collaborative poem by me and john compton in Scapegoat Review Fall 2021!

Delighted to share the NEW SCAPEGOAT REVIEW FALL 2021, which includes a collaborative poem by Charles Cicirella and me -“Here's My Passive Aggressive Ponytail." AND a collaborative poem by john compton and me -"A Cherry in the Eye" - AND lots of other poems, visual art, and flash fiction! Dive into it all, HERE -http://www.scapegoatreview.org/fall-2021/scapegoat-review-fall-2021-main 

"Ponytails might induce seizures, but you don't care,
because you've been growing out your hair
for your own reasons, for a decade or more.

Sure, sometimes you'll get pissed off and rip
some of your own hair out and fling it
in some woman's face or on her floor

or in her garbage can..."

in the poem "Here's My Passive Aggressive Ponytail"

"the pinkish juices
resemble sweetness, but salt
grits the socket into lies" 

in the poem "A Cherry in the Eye" 

read more HERE - http://www.scapegoatreview.org/fall-2021/juliet-cook-amp-john-compton

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