Barred Owl

Darryl and I recently saw an owl at the park and I got a few pretty good photos! We're pretty sure it's a Barred owl.

I was a little nervous about taking the photos, but it just sat there and looked at us.

From an online site that shares the Symbolic Significance of Owl According to Type, a Barred owl: "Stands for vivaciousness, knowledge of personal boundary and generosity. Its dark brown eyes indicate your deep connection to the cosmos and your creative ability."

I love the deep connection and creative ability parts.

I also find the knowledge of personal boundary part pretty interesting and relevant in this time, because I have pretty serious boundaries related to the pandemic and am extremely stressed out by how many people don't or just choose to ignore.

I can't speak for Darryl, but I think he's very generous with a certain select few people (including me 🙃) and I think he likes the cosmos. 

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  1. Wow-- we saw an owl in a tree on our walk this afternoon! Must be the season for owls!