Step Inside My New Poetry Chapbook - The Rabbits With Red Eyes

"It was locked inside
a cage, high above the ground
until its hair grew long enough
to reach close to the bottom.

Can you imagine how it feels
to extend your own hair
to the point of hitting the bottom
of an unknown land

and then watch someone else climb up,
drag you down to their level
and expect you to treat them
like they've given you the ultimate reward
by informing you that you belong to them?"

inside my poem "Flowers are Worth More than Females"

within my new poetry chapbook, The Rabbits With Red Eyes, published by the wonderful Ethel Zine & Micro-Press in March 2020 and available HERE - https://www.ethelzine.com/shop/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet-cook

(Or if you'd like to purchase one directly from me, just ask me)

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