yet another variation on...

When I'm talking out loud, I think I use the words "um", "like" and "literally" too much. I don't really know why I use the word "literally", because I don't really think anything is exact.
I also use the words "maybe" and "I guess" a lot.
I guess maybe I'm not very adherent or stringent. But hopefully that doesn't make me wishy washy.
Anyway, I looked up the definition of "literally" and here is it's informal definition.
"used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true."
That's kind of a funny informal definition and I guess that makes a little sense in terms of me using it, because I sometimes sound emphatic and I'm pretty expressive and feeling-based. But sometimes I think too much of what I express is either accidentally exaggerated or overly repetitive.
I think my voice sometimes sounds more confident than I actually feel too.
And yes, I realize this might be yet another variation on the sort of thoughts/feelings I've been repetitively expressing lately.