NEW in the Rag Queen Periodical - My tendency to feel as if expressing myself is wrong

"My tendency to apologize when I haven't done anything wrong
other than accidentally hurting the feelings of someone
who doesn't understand my feelings.

My tendency to feel like a hissing venomous snake
when the reason I hissed is because my own space was invaded
with mouths that can't stop themselves from approaching me their way.

They don't get me, or they don't see me, or they want to change me,
stomp me down into their so-called solidity"

from my poem "My tendency to feel as if expressing myself is wrong" at Rag Queen Periodical

(somehow I missed this when it meant up last week, so I'm posting it this week. Hey, it's still December after all and I'm very excited to be a Rag Queen. I love the image above the poem too, of a little girl and her snake.)