Contradictory Impressions

Do you ever wonder what impression your personality gives other people and why?
Sometimes I feel like I give other people the wrong impression or at least an impression that differs from the way I feel inside my own head.
Sometimes I'll get input about how other people perceive me and I'm not sure why they see me that way.
I perceive myself as highly emotional and emotionally vulnerable (and sometimes when I get TOO emotional, I have to make myself tone down/zone out for a little while - and sometimes when I get really upset on a personal level, I might sound uncaring or pissed off for a little while, so I don't plunge down into extreme self-deprecation - and sometimes I can temporarily toughen myself up, but other times I act a little tougher than I feel), questioning, thinking, caring, creative, contradictory, openly expressive (and I think that sharing my thoughts and feelings is a positive thing), honest, easily overwhelmed, and sometimes hard to handle.
But various other people (in different parts of my life - from the past to the present) seem to perceive me as easily controlled, overly woe is me, stuck up, someone who complains a lot, unappreciative, unaffectionate, angry, someone who lashes out at other individuals when I'm expressing a point of view that's different from theirs, overly overwhelming, and sometimes not worth handling.