Post Election Night:

I don't know what to say. I guess more than half of our country wants to move backwards.
And/or I guess a lot of people wanted to make some kind of statement against the flaws of our political system.
But what kind of statement are you making by voting for a racist, sexist, narcissist?
I can understand people wanting to change things, but not wanting to change things by moving backwards and putting him in charge.
In any case, we now have a racist, sexist, attention grabbing rich man with no political experience as our president and I guess that's what the majority of our country wants.

The Day After:

I'm upset but I'm not going to silence myself, even though I was tempted to today.

I'm not going to directly lash out at or purposely condescend to other individuals, but here's how I feel about our country as a group. 

We're more divided than I thought we were. 

We're either more unintelligent or more angry, hateful, and screwed up then I thought we were.

I feel like our country is a screwed up mess, who chose to elect a cheating, lying, game playing, manipulative, con artist, racist, sexist, anti-everything other than being in charge man for president - and I don't understand why.

Do we really have that many easily tricked people in our country - or is this the man we really wanted to place in charge of our country?

Do we really have that many people in our country who are unwilling or unable to educate themselves?

Do we really think he will actually care about us?

He's rich, he's mean, and he's degrading to all kinds of others. What makes some of us believe he will rise us or our country up?

Do we want to see other people knocked down?

Do we really have that many hateful people in our country that get glee out of degrading others, knocking others to the ground, cutting others into smaller pieces, taking away others individual rights, and lowering our country?

Do we really have that many racist, sexist, anti-everything other than themselves people in our country? 

Do we really have that many people who want our country to move backwards?

I hope I'm wrong.  I hope our new president and our country is less divided and more caring than I feel like they are. 

But I feel like a lot of people just don't care - and a lot of people's strongest feelings are feelings of hate.

And in my mind, we now have a gross, hateful demagogue for president. 

Here's the definition of demagogue - "a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument."

How I feel right now about half of our nation is WHY?  I know a lot of people disliked Clinton and the standard political system - but enough to choose Trump? 

An outdated racist, sexist man who wasn't even a politician until last night. How does someone with no political experience know how to take control of our country from a political perspective. 

Maybe he'll grab our country by the pussy and then bankrupt us and break us even further apart.