Queen of Cups Issue Nineteen (Juliet Cook and The Hierophant)!

"I replaced brains with hearts then wanted to rip my heart out,
then thought about pouring another heavy dose
of sweet cream into the latest small bird coffin."
I'm quite excited to have three of my poems appearing in this week's Queen of Cups!
Thank you very much to editor Sarah Sousa for choosing these three poems - "Everyone Handles Death Differently", "House of Her Cards" and "Batter Up".


(At first I thought it seemed odd that the card drawn for me was The Hierophant, but this interpretation of that card makes sense to me - "The appearance of this card can also point to a problem you are having with all of the above, your inability to conform to institutional demands and follow a pre set program, and your disinclination to give up freedom and individuality for the benefit or a larger group".
In fact, that description seems to fit especially well with my "Batter Up" poem, whose content largely derived from sometimes feeling as if even nontraditional realms, such as poetry land, sometimes seem to feel like some sort of semi-institutionalized circle jerk of a side taking, cake flinging popularity contest, whereas I have no intention of taking any one side of any one chair.)