New Review of My Red Demolition

Empty Sink Publishing (The magazine for intellectual deviants) has republished a review by A.J. Huffman of Juliet Cook's poetry chapbook RED DEMOLITION (Shirt Pocket Press 2014).

The idea of fear takes a different turn in the later poems. The speaker, while still disjointed and thrashing about in a bloody miasma of poisonous memories, seems to take on a more clinical calm, begins to dissect the mess she has become. “It starts with a multi-colored glitter dress lifted up high/to show thighs wrapped with garter belts made out of garter/snakes.” This opening image from “Love Can Be a Chokecherry” sets the perfect, if overtly biblical, stage for the subtle undercurrent of fear that echoes through the remainder of this collection: that she let this happen. The fear of responsibility is palpable: “She knows another nightmare is coming.” 

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