New! Bone of My Bone by Nicole Rollender is now officially available from my Blood Pudding Press!

Bone of My Bone by Nicole Rollender is now newly available, as of September 5 2015!


The third and final Contest Winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook of 2015 includes 16 poems focused on birth, death, the body in between, and what is divine.

What if you lose a life before it even comes out of you? 

How is life combined with skin and bone and spine and marrow and femurs and skulls?

From cracking and contracting; from breaking down to floating away - will you sink, will you drown, will you rise up higher? 

From torture and fear and numbness to in-depth internal connections between this life and the next.
Bone of My Bone will haunt you and taunt your thoughts in different directions.

Bone of My Bone will disturb you and urge you to consider what life is worth to you and what might happen next. 


Bone of My Bone has already gotten attention.

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I raze my heart for you, 
four red oxen of the apocalypse 

on thunder-hooves.
Yet, instead of fire and pestilence, this new earth

fashioned windows from tree and lake
into the divine,

snow falling from sun...

(from the poem "Sext")