Poetry Life Force! More January Poetry News!

Despite some distressing and unexpected and difficult to deal with and mentally challenging glitches going on, I am still working on poetry stuff and feeling good about that.

Finished preparing a rather large assortment of chapbooks for mailing, reading submissions for Thirteen Myna Birds and Blood Pudding Press (although admittedly a little behind where I'd like to be, but I am still working on it), and excited to have years worth of my poetry be part of the Crisis Chronicles Press 2015 line up later this year (my second full-length poetry book, Malformed Confetti!)!! and to have one of my short poems be positioned next to a unique artsy drawing (and other poems and other drawings), in ANTENNAE THE ANTENNAE, new from Green Panda Press!

Plus a new Winter issue of Menacing Hedge just went live and includes some individual poems by me, as well as some collaborative poems by j/j hastain and me, here - http://www.menacinghedge.com/winter2015/

Plus my new collaborative chapbook with Robert Cole, MUTANT NEURON CODEX SWARM, with awesome cover art by Christen Baer, is now available from Hyacinth Girl Press, and I'll bet I'll be getting my copies in the mail soon.

If it wasn't for the delights of poetry and art, I'm pretty sure I'd go bonkers (in a non-poetic way) - but lucky for me, that will never happen (unless some non-poet creature eats out my brain).