New Review of House on Fire by Susan Yount (Blood Pudding Press, 2014)

An amazing new review of "House on Fire", Susan Yount's 2014 contest winning Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, thank you to AJ Huffman and Sein und Werden!
In the poem, "Sissy," we see a portrait of futility:  a little girl holding a dead goat; a sister pretending to get help--"to call the vet"; the little girl refusing to give up as she "Breathes into him/as hard as she can."  This poem eloquently defines the perpetual cycle of abuse that, more finitely, rears its head in later poems.  The cycle of devastation, of pretending, of wishing maybe it isn't true, of hoping that if we believe and if we pretend and if we continue it will suddenly be something else, come back to life, when all the time we know such devastation is final, is death.
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