Late June Delightful Poetry News

Utterly delighted that my poetry has been published in two different awesome places in two days – Diode 7.2 went live this past Sunday and includes one individual poem by me. ILK Journal oozed out its fourteenth innards Monday and includes two collaborative poems by me and j/j hastain.

I am also currently in the process of working on a new collaborative poetry interview, assembling a new collaborative poetry chapbook to submit, and working on the next Blood Pudding Press chapbook, among other things.

I'm a little bit behind with reading Thirteen Myna Birds submissions, reading things other than lit mags and submissions, and emailing my friends (and writing new poems, and revising old poems, and submitting).

However, having poems in Diode and ILK outweighs the behind-ness.

And stay tuned for news about the new Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook coming soon – They Talk About Death by Alessandra Bava.