When will a sweet tasting fairy tale turn into blue blood clots? - a blurb written by Juliet Cook for a book by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Some months ago, I read Laura Madeline Wiseman's chapbook, "HIS LATE WIVES", which was a shorter version of her recently published poetry collection, "Some Fatal Effects of Curiosity and Disobedience" (Lavender Ink). I very much enjoyed that chapbook's multicolored blue innards and here is the potential book blurb I wrote, related to those innards:

"Inspired by the tales of Bluebeard, but offering her own uniquely spooky and contemporary multifaceted twists and turns, Laura Madeline Wiseman’s, “His Late Wives” got my head spinning and swooning Cocteau Twins sounds while alternating in between the creaking beds and locked doors of questionable relationships. It enveloped my brain with creepy questions – When does light blue turn dark blue? What is eye shut glitter and when will it explode and then quietly drip dry closer to nonexistence?

Starting with sweet blue fruit in the foreground and a dangerous monsoon in the background, marriage can shake and stain things and rip “like a run in stockings, ever widening, / an unstoppable opening to air and skin” and then one day “it’s going to unravel, / the window disappearing into the door” and then it will freeze frame down in the (de)basement.

When will a sweet tasting fairy tale turn into blue blood clots? When does sweet dripping become skin freezing to death? The blue may be endless but that doesn’t mean it always stays edible. Sometimes (again and again and again) the passage of time and the hazards of marriage have a murderous ending hue."

~Juliet Cook