Happy creepy gross delightful disturbing poetry reading!

Read one of my older poems ("A Few of the Motives" from my 2008 chapbook, Planchette) at Crisis Chronicles Press Cyber Litmag -http://library.crisischronicles.com/2014/04/12/a-few-of-the-motives-by-juliet-cook.aspx AND THEN read (AND listen to me reading) some of my newer poems in the brand new edition of Menacing Hedge -http://www.menacinghedge.com/spring2014/.

At least I think they're poems. I wasn't sure what to call my last piece in Menacing Hedge, "Evacuation", because it's three pages of oddly grossed out poetic language in fictional/revised diary shape. Is that prose poetry? I don't know, but it's SOMETHING getting undressed below the waist and being extracted.

Really looking forward to reading/listening to the other pieces this weekend too! Like really. Like really REALLY!