Blood Pudding Press 2014 Poetry Chapbook Contest Results!

Four Semi-Finalists (in no particular order):

~wingless, scorched and beautiful/Allie Marini Batts

~Old Mother Witch Woman: Nursery Rhymes/Jessy Randall

~Interior Ransack/Martha Deborah Hall

~Love like Jack/Pattie Flint


Three Finalists (in no particular order):

~There’s No Place Like Hell/Jay Sizemore

~The Last Place on Earth/Donavon Davidson

~Red Moon/Kelly Andrews


The Three Winners (in the order I plan to publish them):

~House on Fire/Susan Yount

~Stick Up/Paul David Adkins

~They Talk About Death/Alessandra Bava


Big congratulations to all of you!

My tentative time frames for publishing the three winning chapbooks are as follows:

Susan Yount’s House on Fire in early February

Paul David Adkin’s Stick Up in late March or April

Alessandra Bava’s They Talk About Death in June, July, or August

I will be in touch with each of you closer to that time to discuss more details – so that means I will be in touch with Susan Yount fairly soon.

Best, Juliet Cook, Blood Pudding Press


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