This one is not a dream; this is an example of when I can’t sleep all night and just lay in bed by myself thinking

I was thinking about a lot of different things, but this small note is just a few small parts of my thoughts about usually sleeping by myself these days.

As in many realms, I feel in between.  I’m not looking to dive into a deeply committed romantic partnership, yet I crave romance and affection. I’m not looking to dive into casual sex, yet I crave bodily contact.

But you know how with physical contact, for some people it’s a mind and body connection and for other people it’s mostly just body based? Well once again, I am in between.  Kind of.  I think. I have no desire to get physical with someone I have no significant connection with other than there body. But that doesn’t mean I have to love somebody or be there one & only significant other twenty four seven.

But if it’s just a casual body-based thing, then I feel like it doesn’t have much to do with me personally, or at least not my brain.  It mostly just has to do with me having a female body form, in which case it wouldn’t be long before he could just find and quickly dive into another female body form. 

I would still be feeling like we were getting to know each other and he would already be done with me and moving on to the next open body.