Non-traditional Communication?

I am focused on poetry and art and expression and ongoing/outgoing communication - and some people don’t GET that or understand why it is so meaningful to me.

Some people are focused on immediate family and not sharing much personal information with those who aren’t immediate family - and I don't GET that or understand why that is so meaningful (I’m not saying there’s anything WRONG with that approach if it works for you; but what if you’re someone who feels like you have just as much or more or different but just as meaningful things in common with people who aren’t in your immediate family?).

I just deleted a whole bunch of stuff here, but I guess my main point here is that I do not particularly relate or even particularly UNDERSTAND certain traditional practices of what does or does not equal family - and what does or does not equate to people we should be interested in/open to communicating with.

I would like to communicate with whoever I choose to communicate with, whether or not they're traditional family.
ALSO, how does expressing different opinions equal being 'anti-family', 'conflicting', and 'rebelling' (according to how some people seem to perceive it/me/my opinion/the way I express myself)? I'm not trying to be an anti-family rebel just because I express my opinion and it's not the same as yours.
ALSO, one adult shouldn’t give another adult their opinions about personal/interpersonal interaction,  'relationships’, dating, sex, and other stuff like that unless they’re willing to listen to the other adult's opinion too (even if it’s substantially different from theirs).  Having a substantially different opinion and expressing it to someone who expressed there’s to you does not equal being a defiant rebel.

It equals being an individual with a different opinion.

If you don’t want to hear mine, fine – then don’t share yours with me.