What is up with one word definitions?

Several of my friends have posted a link today about how it's “Invisible Majority Bisexual Pride Day” - and nothing against them posting that - and nothing against bisexual pride - but I'm not a fan of the WORD bisexual - and similarly, I'm not a fan of any of those words that supposedly define you by placing you in a group with one word naming it.

Like for example, if you're a poet, why would you want to define your own creative work as academic or as outsider or as mainstream or as non-mainstream or whatever? What if it's parts of all of those things and more? What if it doesn’t fit into any group name or dynamic?

Maybe I slightly diverge from mainstream sensibilities here, because a lot of people seem to really enjoy being involved in groups.  I'm reminded of how some sports fans commit to one group (and dislike the others).  Plus how many people define themselves politically as either a democrat or a republican. Plus how many people define themselves religiously/spiritually.  This team or that team.  This group or that group.  This belief or that belief. Rah rah rah. Yes or no, wrong or right, black or white, where do you fit in?

Back to bisexual, obviously it’s not black and white (or all kinds of bright rainbow colors like a lot of the gay pride labels) – it’s “invisible” yet the “majority”, but yet needs to be positioned into a group.

What IS bisexual anyway? How do you define it? Why would you define it?

What if you're  a woman who is about 98% attracted to men, chemically and sexually speaking  (but have sexually experimented with women and might do so again) - but sure like looking at women (including scantily clad women) physically speaking, maybe even more than you like looking at men physically speaking - but when it comes down to getting close up and naked with someone and having some sort of scintillating sexy physical contact with them, then men are prone to making you tingle way more than other women do - but when it comes to mental/conversational contact, you could go either way.  Is that bisexual?

Quite a few women I know who identify themselves as bisexual are mainly predominantly involved with men, relationship-wise.  If you’re a woman who is primarily involved with men and/or if you’re a woman who is predominantly attracted to men but is also willing to get physical with other women in order to turn men on, is that bisexual ?

Or is that more of an exhibitionist fetish to turn yourself on?  Or both?  Or neither?

Everyone is an individual who has their own needs/wants/desires, right? 

So why do so many people like to classify themselves into a one word group?

Why are so many people so into DEFINING all kinds of things, including feminism (of which there are many different definitions and varieties) and sexual proclivities (S/M, dominant, submissive, kinky, vanilla, bisexual blah blah blah blah blah…).

I’m not against any of those things per se; I’m mainly just saying I don’t understand why people feel such a need to define and place themselves in a group. Maybe part of the reason is to relate to “like minded others” – but obviously not everyone in the bisexual (or other) group is going to be like minded so...

How do you define these parts of yourself and why do you want to?

Is this post of mine partially derived from an exhibitionist fetish streak? 

Just wondering and thinking/expressing out loud. Not defining anything.