GLAMOURAMA (New Sein und Werden)

"Dark black church bells hot in the blankets (she's melting).
Fountains that churn liquid cement, not water (he's hardening).

He wants to erode her scapula. Pluck out her neurons."

from the poem Nether Chord, by Juliet Cook & Robert Cole

Which appears within the innards (along with lots of of other work) of the latest Sein und Werden's GLAMOURAMA issue here - http://www.kissthewitch.co.uk/seinundwerden/autumn13/index.html

According to the editor - "Here she is folks, wobbling on super high heels, the blood from a still warm animal dripping down her neck, a diamond choker slicing into the withered throat, centipede eyebrows dying, that permanent rictus grin... Let's hear it for Miss Glamourama 2013..."