The Tao of Badass is a Big Gross Money Making Trail of Shit

Why in the hell is this online site related to a book called 'The Tao of Badass' appearing as the main source that's viewing my blog lately? Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and listened to part of the video about the book and the guy is going on & on about how to get lots of HOT YOUNG women to sleep with you every month, even if you're short, fat, bald, don't have any muscle, don't have any money etc...

According to him, women don't really care about any of those things (it's just the media trying to convince men that they do) - and men mostly just want HOT YOUNG WOMEN sex partners.

And women can quickly be triggered to be extremely attracted to ANY man if he does things like look at her lips while speaking to her and give her the impression that lots of other women want him.

According to this video, every woman is basically the same (except that some are hotter than others - and those are the ones that ALL MEN WANT AND DESERVE) - and every man primarily just wants to get tons of HOT YOUNG WOMEN to desire his cock - and to get that, men can trigger all the women they want by learning and following these easy steps (that they need to pay money to receive).

According to this video, 97% of women like men with no hair.  So apparently any bald men staring at my lips is well on his way towards leading me into his bedroom, even if all he really cares about is hot pussy and will pull whatever maneuvers he can to get it.

ALL MEN want tons of HOT YOUNG WOMEN for sexual purposes.

ALL WOMEN can easily be triggered by ANY MAN who follows these easy steps.

Who cares about a man's or woman's true personality or interests or passion or genuineness, as long as they can trigger and be triggered?

I was working on a poem. Why did I take a break and listen to that shit heel crap?  Now I feel like a time wasting barf bag.

Don't bother looking up 'The Tao of Badass' (even if you are an insecure man who wants lots of women and can't figure out how to attract them) - because there's not any one easy set answer that works for all men and women in the world.

This book seems to me like a scam-oriented, money-making piece of shit, suggesting that all women and all men are basically the same and human beings have nothing to do with truth, genuineness, honesty, or unique individuality.