Strange New Carnival Morsels Now Frothing through Myna Birds Land

The carnival of love and life grows weirder and darker red and involves bites of candy at the NEW NEW NEW Thirteen Myna Birds update! - Michael Dwayne Smith, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Adam Fieled, Katharine Hepcat, Davide Nixon, John Grey, and Ani Myers-Campos are within the latest peculiar poetry parade, here here here - 


Drawing together both heaven and hell – stitched them together hand in hand – pick at the flowers - petal to your knees – gargling songs of mud – tempting the scorpion – hard candy on the ground – wispy wings are in tatters from trying to lift her – minion of tarts - bleed out and be easier to throttle -  if a man could mutate – the blood of their feasts...