I'm a Full-length Book Contest Finalist

Congratulations to Ayshia Stephenson - and it is nice to have my manuscript be among the Finalists in the Imaginary Friend Press full-length book contest.

Last year I was a Semi-Finalist in the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize - and now this year I am a Finalist for Imaginary Friend Press - so hopefully that means something good is heading my way. 
Imaginary Friend Press is happy to announce that Ayshia Stephenson’s book black hands of a morning calm is the winner of our first ever full length book contest. We received over one hundred entries and we’re amazed at how difficult they made this decision.

Here is a list of finalists to be on the look out for in the future (in no particular order):
Jeff Oaks Little What
Anna King Twilight at the Aegean
Rachelle Cruz The Aswang’s Particular Thirst
Juliet Cook Malformed Confetti
Susana Case Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Copper
Adam Deutsch Manual
Tim Staley Lost on My Own Street
Theodosia Henney Remarkable Deaths of Flying Fish
Risa Denenberg Things Go Missing
Danielle Badra Static: A Dialogue With the Dead
Lawrence Eby The Flight of August
Justin Bond There are Wolves Out in the Forest
Letricia Trent Match Cut

Look for black hands of a morning calm coming this fall/winter from IFP.