My POISONOUS chapbook created into a mini-book by Sit With Moi!

My POISONOUS BEAUTYSKULL LOLLIPOP poetry chapbook, recently published by Grey Book Press, has now been designed into an awesomely artsy mini-book, published by Grey Book Press-ish (created by Eileen Tabios/Sit With Moi!)

Here is part of her post  - 

You can also go to Blood Pudding's Etsy shop to see images of how she uses ribbon bindings.  Consequently, I decided that Juliet's mini-book also should have a similar binding.  Using the white fuzzy ribbon that came wrapped around the two chaps, I thus created the final front cover:

How neat to compare the real-size publication with its SitWithMoi mini-book version and see non-replication and yet authenticity. That is, when I look for images of miniature books, said books are often tiny copies of the real-life books.  Here, the cover of the mini book looks nothing like the real chap, and yet bears its own conceptual rationale for its design (of course, I'm not a biased critic here):

I should note that, in contrast to Grey Book Press being the publisher of POISONOUS ..., the publisher I named for the mini-book is "Grey Book Press-ish" (I live to amuse moiself....)

And you can check out the rest of her awesome creative offering here:



Then if so inclined , you can get yourself a copy of the standard chapbook sized POISONOUS BEAUTYSKULL LOLLIPOP in one of the locations linked below -

Grey Book Press - http://greybookpress.com/