Personal Style

For the record, I think there is a substantial difference between me finding my leg photos appealing and fun and perhaps a bit goofball semi-kink creative (and perhaps having a delicious little spurt of appeal for some others) - and trying to lure in potential sex partners. A male friend of mine asked me last night if I was trying to lure in men with the sock photos I sometimes post, and I’m not trying to lure in anyone as a sex hook up, for f. sake. Creative allure maybe; poetic hook up maybe; sex hook up – no.
If my socks appeal to/interest/ turn on some men and some women, then cool, I like that. I’m not going to lie. I can sometimes be a bit flirty and I sometimes quite like attention, but not because I’m some sort of fishing lure. Flirty attention is not my primary focus in life; more in depth expression is. BUT if some people get the wrong impression of me, that’s there impression. Everyone’s entitled to their own impressions and expressions, right?  

Sometimes others give me the impression that if I don’t want to give some men the wrong impression, then I should just stop acting/talking/dressing/posting the least bit sexy – but I don’t want to zone myself out of my own expressive mode, just so I don’t give other people the wrong impression. What’s the right impression anyway?  That differs from individual to individual, right?  I would like to continue being myself and expressing myself however I see fit at a given time.
Anyone who knows me well or interacts with me frequently will know that I’m not mainly into sock posting; I’m mainly into poetry. Poetry turns me on so much, primarily in a mentally stimulating way – but sometimes mind fuses with bodily based pleasures and I feel compelled to masturbate while working on my poetry (was that too much personal information to share?  Oh well; too late now; anyway I’ve shared it many times before). That doesn’t mean I want to have phone sex while working on my poetry though.  It means if I’m feeling creatively revved up enough to play with words AND take a body based pleasure stimulation break, than why not do it?

If someone is turned on by my sock photos (or just thinks they’re fun and creative), cool.  If someone is turned on by my poetry (or finds it is oddly interesting), even cooler. If someone is turned on by both and more, awesome.  If hardly anybody was turned on by anything about me, that would be a bit of a bummer, but my socks and mostly my poetry (and other people’s poetry and art too) would still turn ME on - and I will sure stick to that.