Late Night Halloween Poem

Bloody or not, here I come
My open limbs suction cupped dirty tentacles.
Sweet tendrils got sucked into smithereens.
I’m not angel hair anymore. Jewels cracked

into visceral chunks writhing out misshapen.
Green worms burst then crusted into zombie flesh.
Delve in and swallow, and then spit partially digested

bloody pieces, string out my overloaded canals.
Hot beet thighs fuse with mutant monster eyes.
Mutilated strands clog brain waves down

drains. My heart is a disabled fondue cauldron.
My cake hole dollops on/off garbage disposals.
Please turn this blood bath doom spurt into new flows.

I am an alien witch broom created from pumpkin guts.
Let me rise up whirring mango froth through thigh highs.
Let lightning stings affix primordial feather-zings.

~Juliet Cook~

(previously published on Lingerpost)