Dear Anonymous,

I’m not really sure why I’m investing some of my time/thought/energy/effort into commenting upon this, since you are apparently just an anonymous fuckwad. I guess it’s mainly because I don’t understand the point/power/pleasure of anonymity.  What's the pointed pleasure of posting a rude random little comment under one of my blog posts? What the heck is the point of an ‘Anonymous’ person typing me a random blurb informing me that my art sucks and I should stick to writing?

Since you’re ‘Anonymous’ and I don’t know who you are, why should I CARE about your perspective on art?  As far as sticking to my writing, have you even read any of that?  Are you a writer? Are you an artist? I do have interest about other peoples’ perspectives on art and poetry if  they are artists or writers; if I am somewhat familiar with their tastes and style; if I like their art or writing and/or if I even KNOW the person. But you’re just an ‘Anonymous’ person who for some reason felt the need to inform me, “Those look terrible. Stick to writing” and “Your art still sucks”.  Gee, thanks a bundle for the impressive critique via anonymous feedback in the form of a random negative meaningless blurt.  Do you get off on randomly making fun of people? If so, get your vibe out and at least make fun of me more creatively and artistically.

To me, an anonymous negative blurb is akin to randomly making fun of someone you don’t even know as opposed to actually openly expressing your thoughts/feelings/perspectives in any valid or valuable way. It’s not even personal expression so much as a pointless barb in a general direction.  I have enough true feelings of pointlessness in my life.  I don’t need pointless anonymous uncreative darts added to the mix.

Of course my little creations are not going to appeal to everyone. The two pieces upon the blog post you commented below are not my idea of powerful art so much as semi-artsy fun little Halloween-y treats that some people might find amusingly enjoyable.  I like them; I took the time to paint them; I have one hanging on my fridge.  I’m certainly not forcing anything into anonymous mouths. Even when it comes to more imperative art and writing, not everything is going to suit everyone’s style – and I’m not aiming for mainstream mass appeal – and I sure as heck don’t care whether or not I appeal to anonymous blog commenting dipshits.

We all have our blurbs and blurts and jealous-streaked brambles. I sure do. But at least I attempt to express mine instead of anonymously blurting and carelessly spitting them out via random streaks behind people’s backs.

Making a generic little comment supposedly related to art or writing does not seem to mesh forth from true creative flow.  If you have input about and/or issues with my art or personal expression (or anything else about me) that you really feel the need to express, then why don’t you specify it and express yourself? I guess it’s not a valid issue so much as a generic little pinch.  I don’t like generic random pinches, so even an anonymous mean streak creep is receiving multiple paragraphs from me in return.