"Devouring Delicious, Savory Treats" = Two New Reviews of my poetry chaps!

"Devouring Delicious, Savory Treats: Lisa M. Cole on Juliet Cook's poetry chapbooks Thirteen Designer Vaginas and Post-Stroke" appears within the latest offering of Gently Read Literature, here - http://issuu.com/gently_read_literature/docs/grl_mar

Below is a snippet from one of those reviews; you may read them both in their entirety by clicking the link above.

“In both collections, there is a feeling present of losing a certain amount of control, of questioning the state of things, but to write the experience down, to make art out of it, is to regain control. The vagina, the woman’s body, and the woman herself are transformed from a punch line into a poem after all.”


You may purchase your very own copy of 'Thirteen Designer Vaginas' from Hyacinth Girl Press here - http://hyacinthgirlpress.com/purchase/

You may purchase your very own copy of 'POST-STROKE' from the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop here - http://www.etsy.com/listing/69547229/post-stroke-by-juliet-cook