Losing people who I thought were incredibly important, significant, and meaningful within my life really hurts me and causes me to question all kinds of things (including question myself – thinking ‘am I not good enough?’ and ‘did I not try hard enough?’).

I don’t desire to feel incredibly strongly about or committed to someone who will suddenly/quickly feel less strongly about me.

I don’t desire someone who takes more than he gives (creatively, professionally, or in any sort of relationship way) and/or who does not truly appreciate what he receives. I think that taking more than giving comes too close to chewing everything/everyone up and then suddenly spitting it out without really caring.

On a somewhat different but semi-related note, the phrase ‘what if I lose everything?’ sure as heck does not make me think about money. It makes me think about brain power, passion, caring and LOVE. Those are the kinds of things I do not want to lose, even (especially) in the midst of challenging/troubling/difficult times in my life.

I DO desire a uniquely powerful, caring, giving, loving, extra-special someone who is a true taste sensation, a wonderful treat, a gorgeous feast that will last & last.