Morsels Hung On Hooks - Halloweeny 13 Myna Birds

The new Halloweeny Thirteen Myna Birds is now live!

Featuring darkly delicious oodles by Bonnie MacAllister, Tiffany Midge, David Greenspan, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Paul David Adkins, Kari Larsen, & John Rocco - this issue has SIXTEEN scrumptious offerings:


a puddle of thick pink - some would call this puddle a flood - a hot house exertion - a little bit demonic - a carnival of wasp stingers - thrashing on a carousel – pompoms bursting – floating ghost - packed to slats with pillaged finery - drowned in the foam – the apertures pearl with blood – plummet beyond sound - peek inside…


Here is a delightful note about this Thirteen Myna Birds update from one of it poets, David Greenspan:

"I have two poems up in the Halloween issue of Thirteen Myna Birds. Thirteen Myna Birds is the brain-child of Juliet Cook, who seems to have a book out on every press ever. She rocks and her journal is pretty cool. Dark, very dark....The lay out of the journal is rad. They have thirteen (sixteen for Halloween) pieces, ordered from thirteen to one. When a new piece is published, the piece numbered one gets pushed off the journal. Keeps things temporary, urgent maybe? Read my poems here while you can. http://13myna.blogspot.com/. "

(I sure as heck don't have a book out from every press ever, but reading that amuses me greatly; haha.)

AND here is an oddly amusingly fun snippet from another of this updates poets, Kari Larsen, re: Thirteen Myna Birds and Twin Peaks:

"Speaking of Juliet Cook's killer Thirteen Myna Birds, the new issue is celebrating Halloween with three poems from Say you're a fiction! Thirteen Myna Birds is a Twin Peaks reference. My best friend Clare is being Laura Palmer for Halloween."

(I wonder if Kari Larsen knows that my very first print poetry chapbook was inspired by Laura Palmer - http://www.etsy.com/listing/58029753/halloween-lynchian-the-laura-poems-by