Blood Pudding Press/Horror Couture

My Blood Pudding Press etsy shop has become part of a Team called Horror Couture!

When I was invited to join this Team I felt pretty excited but worried that I might not fit in, because I don't have much blatantly horror-esque stuff available for sale in my Blood Pudding Press shop. I have hand-designed poetry chapbooks, vintage doodads, and ephemera.

BUT I do think some of my poetry is horror-esque in it's own odd way. In much of my older poetry, I liked to bake horrific confections. I don’t like vanilla snack pack pudding poetry; I like blood pudding poetry. I like poetry that borders the unappetizing, poetry that borders the grotesque, poetry that borders the pornographic and horrific. I am attuned to a sense of revolting, bodily-based horror associated with femaleness and I have a desire to birth this horror or abort it or deconstruct, reconstruct, or vivisect it!

As far as my newest poetry is concerned, my very latest chapbook 'POST-STROKE' is based on a real-life horrific health issue I suffered (and am still suffering) from. I had a carotid artery dissection, aneurysms, a stroke - and NOW have a Stent and Aphasia.

Also, I even designed a new sexy hot pink Venus Fly Trap Card (with poetry snippets) in honor of the Horror Couture group!

Lovely? Poisonous? Horror-ific in its own odd way? You decide.

See more about the Venus Fly Trap card here:


See more about POST-STROKE here:


X.O.X. Juliet


P.S. Created a NEW Horror Couture-esque Treasury: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4d77f528b10a6d91fe0b5dd3/horror-couture-eyeballs-other-yummy?ref=pr_treasury