On a Lighter Note (Fun Socks!)...

On a lighter, funner, more scrumptious note than my last post here about my Stroke last year and my Divorce on the same date this year, I have now created a new little Associated Content piece featuring 15 yummie photos of my Socks. Yay!

As some of my friends and family know, I am indeed a big fan of unique, lovely, sexy, and comfy knee high and thigh high socks. Ooh la la, do I adore them! After a very challenging year for me, it was especially delicious to receive an exciting plethora of unique socks this Christmas (and before and after). You can read about my challenging year by scrolling down to my blog entry below this one and/or you may simply partake of my socks.

I'll admit that Ive been told before I'm too old to be wearing fun socks, but I strongly disagree! I think people should surely feel free to wear what they wish to wear and hold on to their own style until they're 80 or 90 or 100 if they're lucky enough to live that long. So there.

And so below is a link to 15 Sock photos.

(P.S. When I first tried to link to this on my facebook page, I got a note that it contained content that was either 'abusive' or' 'scammy'. Well I know it isn't scammy 'cuz I created it. And since when are sock photos considered abusive? They're not nude sock photos. Does the word 'thigh high' sound abusive or some other word I used? I don't think so, but maybe I don't know. I suddenly started feeling a tidbit worried... Anyway, see for yourself below.)