Darkly Delicious Blood Pudding Press PLUS Poetry

I've recently been adding new goodies to my Blood Pudding Press shop and some of you might be interesed in checking that site out from time to time, since my goodies are very well priced and some of them are selling out pretty quickly. Blood Pudding Press's last set of Vintage Skeleton Keys just sold out and only one more set of Holy Cards currently remains, but the shop is still offering a few other kinds of Religious Ephemera, a few Vintage Post Cards, a few Vintage Dish Towels, a few odd-creepy-hideously yummy doodads, & more- including my very favorite attraction, poetry chapbooks!

Feel free to investigate for yourself here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress

Speaking of poetry, I am quite delightfully pleased to report that within the last two days, I have received two different acceptances from two different wonderously yummy poetry collections--the online collection, Horse Less Review (which accepted three of my post-stroke poems) AND the print collection, Barn Owl Review, which is fabulous since I adore both poetry and Owls. Yay!

More semi-soon...

P.S. In case you missed it, a darkly delicious review of my poetry chapbook "FONDANT PIG ANGST" appeared within the last issue of Arsenic Lobster (click below). Then, in Arsenic Lobster's NEXT issue (coming soon), two of my newer poems shall appear!