poetry (good and not so good) stuff

I wrote some poems in December and now cannot read or understand them well, due to my stroke. I also can't read poetry (or other) books well. I can read/write a little, but much more slowly than usual. I have read a lot of neato cards and notes from folks and appreciate those.

After the beginning of January, I haven't written poems and I haven't read poems by others, including those submitted to my online literary magazine, 13 Myna Birds (for which I've received a lot of submissions lately and hope to start reading those soon). I also had to send emails to several poets who I had agreed to write book reviews for, but now can't.

I do have some writing written/submitted/chosen for publication before my stroke, coming soon:

~February 2--a long piece of writing will be published as part of Delirious Hem's "This is What a Feminist [Poet] Looks Like "

~February 16--a new poem at Everyday Genius

~Soon--three of my poems, along with three of Letizia's translations at Listenlight

~Later--three of my poems in Caketrain


Also, my first Dusie poetry chapbook, MONDO CRAMPO, can now be read online, here:


(And my next Dusie thingee will be published soon...)