more poetry reading photos

A few more photos from last week's poetry reading (pilfered from Christina Brooks's camera); if you missed my video footage from the event, please feel free to scroll down a couple entries to see it.

Also, here is a fun little article I wrote about gross American foodstuffs:

Also, related to my continued work with local independent film company, CutThroat Entertainment, we are now offering sponsorship packages, catered towards companies who would like to support another independent local entity while also benefiting from some fabulous advertising for their own organization. Any Columbus-area businesses interested in more information, please feel free to contact me.

I'm having a kind of bad day, but here's a fun quote from an article I'm currently writing about Blood Pudding Press:
"Blood Pudding Press poetry is not chicken soup for the soul; it’s more like a homemade pastry bag trying to squeeze out railroad track debris in the form of misshapen rosettes. "