TONIGHT!-Juliet Cook poetry reading!

I have not participated in a poetry reading for several years, but I have one coming up the evening of Wednesday October 14 from 7-9 at Mac's Bacs, an indie bookstore in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Mark your calendars if so inclined.

In addition to me, the three other featured readers will be Michael Bernstein, Suzanne Savickas, and Josh Sebrasky, plus there will be an Open Mic.

If you live near Cleveland and/or like me and/or enjoy poetry, please consider coming out and meeting me and listening to some poetry (and maybe even reading a piece of your own).

More details here:



Okay so that was the semi-official announcement, but since this is my personal/poetry blog, may I also admit I am nervous? I've been taking a rather hermit-like approach to my creative projects in recent years and seriously have not given a live poetry reading for several years and the last one I did was inside my own home as part of some little poetry reading party I orchestrated, complete with raven pencil skirt and ectoplasmic cupcakes.

I'm also a bit worried because the reading is on a Wednesday evening and my hubby says he can't afford to take any time off work, so he needs to transport me to the event after work Wednesday (we live at least two hours away, so hopefully I will not be late to my own event) and then we need to drive back home following the reading (so hopefully, we will not be infiltrated by any sort of overly rushed or impatient vibe). Sigh.

However, I'm also excited. What shall I wear? I'm thinking waitress dress and red & white striped knee highs with spiky sock gaters, but that's just one idea. More importantly, what shall I read? I'm thinking fun, weird, semi-offensive material. Okay, I don't really mean OFFENSIVE ; I mean PROVOCATIVE. Let's just say I'm not a fan of the dry, boring, or tame poetry readings. No indeed.

If anyone who is reading this is planning on attending, let me know so I can say hello. I might also be bringing some copies of books for sale and will be happy to sign any purchases. What else? I don't know. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Hopefully, I will make it to my own reading and hopefully I won't die of "the fainting goat disease" and hopefully at least a few people will come and hear me read.

I even invited my parents, who may or may not attend. My mom likes me, but is not a big fan of my poetry. In fact, my poetry once made my mom cry!


Here's a photo of me, Suzanne, & Josh (three of the four featured readers) from a few months ago at the Surly Girl Saloon in Columbus, Ohio. That would be a fun locale for a poetry reading, too!

Here's a photo of my spiky sock garters:

Here's a photo of my poetry book:

P.S. This reading is happening three days before my birthday, a dreadful little reminder that I am hurtling towards old womanhood. Come see me while I'm still kind of young!