bloody local color and new news

Check out my new local content in new Columbus-based ezine The Outer Belt. It's another article about CutThroat Entertainment and their upcoming horror film BREAK, but a little less promotional and a little more informative, entertaining, and bloody. My article is the last piece in this issue, pages 42-45


I also have a new poem published at the new issue of Denver Syntax and it's also the last piece in the issue. What does this little motif mean? Unfortunately, I can't seem to see my own poem. Every other poem is perfectly visible to me, but when I click on the title of mine, I just receive a blank white screen with no words, and I'm pretty sure my poem is composed of some words rather than just a white expanse. One friendly reader informed me he could see my poem's words, so I'm hoping this glitch is only related to me (which woldn't be entirely surprising), but please feel free to let me know. Am I invisible or can you read me?


Also, only ten days left before my poetry reading. See previous entry for more details. My husband said he was going to yell, 'Show us your tits' from the audience.


Update: If you're already in the midst of your holiday shopping or planning to start soon, please feel free to check out my articles about fun stocking stuffers, focusing upon the indie, the artsy, and the unique!

For women--


For dogs--


For misfits--



Update: Speaking of shopping (or lack thereof), about two months ago I dropped off three copies of five different Blood Pudding Press chapbooks to Wholly Craft!, a delightful little shop in Columbus, Ohio brimming with artsy crafty goodies. Unfortunately, I found out today that not a single one of those fifteen chapbooks have yet sold--and if no sales are made by the end of the month, then the shop will probably stop carrying at least some of my chapbooks.

This news tidbit makes me feel glum, disappointed, and dejected.

I spent so much time ribbon-binding and hand-designing those chapbooks, too.

Doesn't anyone desire handcrafted poetry yumness--or it is just me?

Consider this a misfit-like little reminder that Blood Pudding Press chapbooks are available at Wholly Craft!--http://www.whollycraft.net/

For those who don't live in the area, they are also available in the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop at http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/