Wholly Craft!

The last few days have involved an out of town family getaway (a good change of pace, but now I'm behind on various projects) followed up by some bummerish rejections and so forth, BUT on the plus side...

Yummy Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks are now available at a real live store in Columbus, Ohio called Wholly Craft!

Hot pink storefront, sweet DIY spirit, innards brimming with myriad artisanal offerings. Hand-sewn cards, screen-printed panties, aromatic soaps, yarn balls, one-of-a-kind tote bags, uniquely-designed attire, and so much more--and now five Blood Pudding Press titles have been added to the fun-filled mix. Hurrah!

If you're in or around the Columbus, Ohio locale, check out Blood Pudding Press chappies and other delightful artsy crafty goodies at Wholly Craft!:


If you're not in or around that area, you may still acquire Blood Pudding Press wares online in the etsy shop:




In other news, here's s a new little article I wrote about summer-to-fall fashion for women--starring knee socks:


And another little article about why I can't take my dog to work: