In local artsy crafty indie news, I am in the beginning stages of new involvement with two appealing Columbus area entities.

1. I am going to start working on some volunteer projects of a writing/editing/promotional nature for a new independent film-making company called CutThroat Entertainment. Their first movie, a horror flick, has already wrapped filming and is scheduled to premiere this coming October. Their second movie, a documentary about an ordinary guy trying to work his way into the cage fighting arena, is currently being filmed. Lots of other projects are in the works, too. Check this exciting new enterprise out and stay tuned for more details from me about the aforementioned projects and more.


2. This utterly delightful artsy crafty shop called Wholly Craft has just agreed to offer some Blood Pudding Press chapbooks (for consignment sale) amongst their wonderful wares, so I am printing chapbooks as I type. Check this delicious little establishment out, too, pretty please, and stay tuned for an announcement about exactly when my chappies will be available there. I'm hoping before the end of this month, but it's a busy month, so we shall see...



Psst... I added some interesting items to the Blood Pudding Press shop including odd paper ephemera and a few chapbook sales for good karma. Not sure how long these listings will last, so check them out fast: